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        1. Border and Visa Management

          ???Border and Visa Management

          Border agencies are being asked to cope with a rapid increase in traveler numbers and, within new security and cost constraints, to facilitate a swift and secure passenger experience. They are requested to boost legitimate trade and travel, prevent illegal immigration or identity fraud and tighten security measures at border crossings.

          With the massive surge of electronic travel documents and national eID cards,  Gemalto is supporting border agencies, government authorities and airports to exploit technology convergence to gain consistent, comprehensive border, visa management and document verification that will:

          • Deliver seamless travel with online visa applications
          • Offer convenience for travelers for fast and secure border crossing
          • ??Improve border intelligence for detection and prevention.

           Understand how biometrics is radically transforming the "passenger experience" at airports,  making the journey not only quicker, but also much less stressful and more secure in our August 2017 web dossier.

          Discover Gemalto Cogent biometric tech?nologies and how they can be impelemented in biometric entry-exit tracking systems such as DHS's IDENT or EU's EURODAC for immigration? control???. 

          The EES regulation will also impact European borders soon. Learn more with our February 2018 web dossier on the Schengen Entry Exit System?.

          Coesys Border Management 

          Border Management

          Gemalto Border Management provides a full range of applications to implement best-practice immigration processes and state-of-the-art technologies at border management headquarters (HQ) and border control points (BCPs).

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          Coesys Visa Management System 

          Visa Management System

          Gemalto Visa Management is a full suite of service oriented applications designed to securely manage visa applications and issue visas, eVisas and resident permits.

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          Coesys Document Verification 

          Document Verification

          Travel and identity document verification forms an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial - such as at border stations or during bank transactions.

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          Coesys Automated Border Control (ABC) 

          Automated Border Control (ABC)

          Gemalto Automated Border Control (ABC) is an automated immigration control product that combines the latest technologies of electronic gate hardware and border control software.

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          Coesys Mobile Border and Visa Apps 

          Mobile Border and Visa Apps

          Ease of use, convenience, massive costs savings using a full-fledged inspection system in officer’s pocket are only a few of the motivations that characterize the development of the Coesys Mobile Border and Visa Apps now deployed on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.


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          Coesys SPOC/n-PKD 

          Gemalto SPOC/n-PKD

          SPOC/n-PKD simplifies inter-country certificate management for electronic passports.

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          Customer Stories

          Customer story: Ghana 


          Ghana’s migration profile continues to evolve as its rapidly expanding oil industry fuels employment and growth. To keep up with its thriving economy, the Ghanaian government recently outlined its first-ever national migration policy. In 2013, Ghana decided to put Gemalto in charge of its national electronic visa and border management solution. This advanced e-Immigration system is fundamental to the whole eGhana project, an ambitious plan to create a modern IT infrastructure that can support sustainable development in the years ahead. It will put the country’s border control processes on a par with best practices worldwide.

          Download brochure [PDF - 4mb]

          Customer story: Croatia 


          At the end of 2010, Gemalto was chosen to upgrade Croatia’s border control system with Coesys Document Verification and a full mobile version of Coesys Border Management system to run in biometric handheld devices.

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          Customer story: Argentina 


          As of September 2011, with prime contractor VALID Argentina, the company started to deliver state-of-the art biometric live enrolment systems for all embassies & consulates around the globe for the issuance of all national travel & id documents. The 160 workstations and related software have been customized for the Republic of Argentina. The system collects biographical information and captures & quality assures biometric data such as photo, fingerprints and signature and secures the archiving of supporting documents.

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          Customer story: OEM 

          Serving over 40 sovereign governments?

          The world's largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide is using over 10 Coesys Visa Management Software to serve over 800 visa application centers located in over 80 countries across five continents.?. ?

          Customer story: Oslo airport 

          Oslo Airport

          Oslo International Airport is now equipped with electronic gates to simplify automatic border crossing. The Norwegian border police chose Gemalto to provide an automated biometric identity management solution, initially for Norwegian citizens.

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          Gabon can now apply for visas online 


          In February 2016, Gabon's Department of Homeland Security selected Gemalto to supply and implement a fully integrated border and visa management system. The new scheme will strengthen national security, improve operational efficiency and enhance the traveling experience for people entering and leaving the Central African state.

          As of July 2016, travelers to the Central African nation of Gabon can now apply for visas online.

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          Customer story: South Africa 

          South Africa

          The Refugee and National Deportation system for the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa handles country wide refugees and illegal immigrants including their deportation procedure. It consists of a customized enterprise solution with more 500 workstations distributed around the country and a central refugee register that handles all related workflows and procedures, including an interface to the national fingerprint system (AFIS) and National Population Register. The system has more than 28 different applications covering all possible steps part of the Refugee and Deportation procedures based on local regulations. Implementation consisted of 2 phases and was completed in 2008.

          Customer story: High-profile European bank 

          High-profile European bank

          In 2012, Gemalto signed on as prime contractor with a high-profile European bank (name confidential) to deploy Coesys Document Verification? at each branch location. Each station is connected to a central document verification repository that will hold more than 2,000 travel and ID documents. The central system is connected to each agent station to provide document repository updates as well as to perform management and operational reports. New customer demographic data, which are captured automatically from the document, are entered directly into the bank’s enterprise management system. The project is now up and running, with over 1,000 Coesys Document Verification workstations enabled.

          Customer story: Electronic visas for Gabon 

          Electronic visas for Gabon

          As of July 2015, travelers to the Central African nation of Gabon can now apply for visas online.

          This latest innovation named "e-Visa" forms part of the country's e-government projects, which are aimed at making public services more accessible.

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          Customer story: California 


          In January 2015, undocumented immigrants had their first opportunity to? obtain California driver's licenses thanks to the passage of Assembly Bill 60 (AB60) by the state legislature on September 12, 2013. The bill allows undocumented immigrants to legally drive in the State upon successfully completing all required testing. The bill is a major step in improving road safety in California by ensuring that all California drivers are driving vehicles legally.

          Gemalto is supporting California Department of Motor Vehicle (California DMV) with its advanced Coesys Document Verification software solution now in use in its nearly 200 offices. DMV officials can verify the authenticity of such documents as passports, identity cards? and driver licenses? by simply checking the graphical data and security features? against reference templates from an array of issuing countries.

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